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Plays and Musicals


Alice in Wonderland

In 1974, producer and writer, Terry Wolfe brought Judy & Jim on board to write the music for a new version of Alice In Wonderland, written by Sheldon Rosen. Bill Millerd from the Vancouver, Art's Club Theatre directed, Norman Leggat was the choreographer and it would boast a cast of hundreds including a full choir directed by Mel Ericksen.

It starred Valerie Easton as Alice.

In Full Bloom

Judy's one woman show at the Art's Club Revue Theatre, with a second run at the Cultch, is a collection of original material woven together by carefully written dialogue and amusing personal anecdotes dealing with life experiences and being over 50.


The Trouble with Christmas

The Trouble with Christmas

While living in Los Angeles in the mid 1980's, Judy &  Jim met actress & writer, Deborah Walley (Gidget Goes Hawaiian) and they colaborated on a wonderful holiday musical called "The Trouble with Christmas." The music was completed and recorded, with friends, Monica Mancini, John Gilmore, Curtis Tilton and Henri Lorieau but the musical is yet to be produced. 


Comfort Cottages

A Dramedy written by Judy Ginn Walchuk and Jane Clayton was mounted by Western Gold Theatre in Vancouver and played to sold out crowds by it's 2nd week. In November 2022, the Central Alberta Theatre Company mounted it again with patron reviews such as "This is such a lovely show! It’s the perfect season opener. Lots of laughs. Strong cast. A tear or too. And just some all over good feelings.
Well done."



The play opens with 4 single, female friends who reach the age of retirement unsettled in various ways; emotionally, financially and creatively.When katherine, a recently retired Vice Principal unexpectedly inherits a vinyage motel from her black sheep Aunt Kitty, her frineds are eager to move into the motels cottages. It would be an adventure - it's been a long time since they've had some fun! By making the move, the women open their lives to opportunities...and oh those opportunities begin with the trucker's and travelling salemen who keep showing up at the Comfort Cottages! The relationships between the women and the incoming men make for plenty of misunderstandings and wonderful connections proving that it's never too late to embrace all the possibilites of life.



Pass Me That Hat

In the mid 90's, Judy, Jim & Marlee met weekly to begin writing a partly autobiographical musical about their lives in the entertainment industry. The many hat's worn, attempts to fit in to what was current, the excitement  and frustration of constantly being on the road and missing out on love and their lives.

Real and quirky characters and stunning songs make up this funny and heart warming story.

Much in their lives changed and they had to put the project away for many years. Back in the same city again in 2018, they began to rework the piece until they were happy with it. 

Flying Walchuks #2 Fromson_edited.jpg

Several theatre creators, including the amazing, Robert McQueen were consulted to give advice. Back to the studio for more rewrites through Covid finally emerging in 2022 with a project that is ready for a workshop.

  In 2023, Pass Me That Hat  will have just that, a chance to get it off the page and have actors to breathe life into it.

We can't wait!

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